Ridge gourd

Ridge gourd
Luffa, Peechinga, Turai, Vietnamese gourd, or Chinese okra is a genus of tropical and subtropical vines classified in the cucumber (Cucurbitaceae) family.

The fully developed fruit is the source of the loofah scrubbing sponge which is used in bathrooms and kitchens.

Health Benefits:

  1. Ridge gourd is low in saturated fat and cholesterol, high in phosphorous,dietary fibre, vitamin C, riboflavin, zinc, thiamin, iron, magnesium and manganese.
  2. It has blood-purifying properties.
  3. Heals Diabetics 2.  It contains insulin-like peptides, alkaloids and charantin, all of which act together to lower blood and urine sugar levels without increasing blood insulin levels.
  4. It has high beta carotene that is good for eyes.
  5. It helps to purify, restore and nourish liver as its an antidote for alcohol intoxication
  6. It also aids weight loses.
  7. It has medicinal properties for healing jaundice
  8. It is a laxative
  9. It is used in skin care treatment against eczema, psoriasis
  10. Also aids in curing piles
  11. A glass of ridge gourd juice in the morning can help to strengthen your immune system against any infection.
  12. Anti-inflammatory and anti-biotic
  13. Skin care

Whenever it is allowed to mature and also dry within the vine, it may be harvested like a sponge. Everything (skin and seeds) is taken away from them apart from the primary network. To form the loofa sponge.   Loofah sponge has been utilized historically just as one exfoliation product whenever bathing good for skin radiance. The blood purifying qualities ensure that you stay clear of pimples as well as acne. Loofah sponge also help manage body as well as foot odor.

Buying and Storing
Make certain that it is firm and it has a deep green colour. Lighter shades of green means it’s still not ripe yet. It is advisable to be had in just a week of buying through the marketplace.  Ridge gourd needs to be kept firmly packed in the sealed container or perhaps in plastic bags to ensure that they’re fresh, crunchy and also healthy, for approximately a week.

Culinary Uses
Peeling its skin off decreases bitterness yet is typically not generally essential to do so. The ridge gourd might be either stir fried or even make in to a nice spicy curry. Ridge gourd may be sliced and fried in batter just like chilli bajjis. A healthier option is to create gravy from it. Fry some onions, tomatoes, garlic with a few salt and chilli powder. Include some cubed ridge gourd and allow it to cook on a simmering flame. Add half a cupful of milk and allow the gravy thickens.

Ridge gourd could be filled with zesty filling produced from spices just like sesame seeds, coriander seeds, cumin seeds as well as red chilies which are roasted and also ground to the fine paste together with ginger, garlic, onions and tamarind, features a mingling of tastes :- sweet-spicy-tangy. A scrumptious stuffed curry which goes well along with both rice as well as rotis.  It is really a delicious as well as nourishing accessory for dal/sambhar. Ridge gourd can also be prepared like a pachadis, cooked in milk or even with lentils.

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