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Aroma Fresh is an innovative high technology venture and is an only “one of its kind” agro farming and marketing company in Kerala Aroma Fresh is global GAP certified, which is a prominent globally accepted, UN approved, certification mark for good agriculture practice and sustainable agriculture.

Aroma fresh is a unique brand introduced in the food sector of the Kerala with a social cause. The food products whether it be fresh fruits and vegetables, pulses, millets, cereals, confectionaries, beverages, edible oil, etc, it reaches the customersfresh and ‘Pesticide Free’. Aroma fresh presents a wide range of food products that are cultivated in our own poly farms, some products are collected fresh from the wild , all of which assure the customer a healthy food choice, an elegant life style cherishing nature’s holistic wealth, a tradition of taste and a sense of modern mind set. Further to the food products we also have a range of natural cosmetic products, neutral soaps and cleansers, aromatic and essential oils,lifestyle articles and many more.

Initiated as a social commitment venture, with a clear mission to contribute to a healthy, happy and productive community, Aroma fresh products will be made available to the community through our retail outlets, which will be launched in different parts of Kerala, India.

Every batch of the produce is hand-picked and checked for quality and purity before it carries the Aroma Fresh hallmark. In addition, Aroma Fresh ensures that all products are marketed direct from our own farms to our own chain of retail outlets with no intermediate stockists or dealers. What you get is fresh-from-the farm produce, with no loss of nutrition value and absolutely safe to consume.

We have a vision to be able to provide this privilege to as wide an area as we can and that expansion plan will be strategized and taken forward in the best way.

Aroma fresh envisages a business model with values that endorse People, Planet and Profit; where Passion is the driving force to archive its zenith.

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